Testers for life

Some people may have suspected it already, but now we’re finally able to prove it: testers are human too – hey, some of us even got a heart.

Are you feeling all charitable and fuzzy? The Software Testing Club will be assembling and giving away an awesome eBook entitled “A Tester is for life, not just for Christmas”. An e-book for testers, by testers, for charity. Read all about it here.

So, what is a generous tester to do?

  • You can contribute to the e-book. Fill out this form on the site and tell them what makes you tick – book recommendations, tips, tricks, noteworthy people, tools etc.
  • You can help them spread the word – promote it!
  • You can download the e-book (when available) and make a donation. You can just make a donation too, of course.

Think about it. You will be rewarded with endless testing karma.


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